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JustSaySew offers luxury tailoring and alterations in the Austin area. We provide a mobile service with on-site fittings in your home or office, where our Master Tailor will fit your garments to your exact needs.

Our expert tailor has over 40 years of experience working on garments for ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, professional athletes, couture designers, luxury retailers and specialty boutiques. He can remodel or reconstruct existing garments to update your favorite outfit, repair damaged skins, or even transform your old fur into a modern style that reflects the latest fashion trends.

JustSaySew is passionate about helping women and men feel comfortable and fabulous in their clothes. Our clients trust us to make them look and feel elegant on their wedding days, sharp and sophisticated for important meetings, or confident in their everyday outfits.

Our expert tailor is adept with all materials including leather, fur, denim, knits, woven and embroidered materials, as well as delicate lace and intricate beading. Whatever your needs may be, you can feel confident entrusting JustSaySew with your treasured garments.


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